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XChange of America

XChange of America

XChange of America
9 Locations Nationwide!

XChange of America

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Exchanges at 9 locations!

XChange of America

Buy & SellIraqi Dinar,
Vietnamese Dong, Chinese Yuan,
Indonesian Rupiah, Korean Won
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XChange of America serviced by Xchange of America is excited to announce that Xchange of America will now take and fulfill your orders. Xchange of America offers multiple physical locations nationwide for currency pickup and exchanges, ensuring convenient service both when ordering online or in person at any of 9 locations. All of the services you have come to expect from will now be provided by Xchange of America moving forward. Xchange of America is continually looking to expand its exchange offices across the U.S. to ensure that all of your exchange needs are met. Visit their locations page to view current Xchange of America exchange locations.

XChange of America makes purchasing and selling physical foreign currencies, such as Iraqi Dinar, Vietnam Dong, Chinese Yuan, & Indonesian Rupiah, easy and fast through delivery or pick-up at one of their 9 locations. Each purchase of currency is verified to be of non-criminal origin and has been cleared through U.S. Customs. All currencies are in stock in the U.S. and are shipped insured through Fedex Priority Overnight delivery. International orders may be shipped via other couriers.

Our Rates

Iraqi Dinar 1,000,000 IQD $1,020 USD
Vietnamese Dong 1,000,000 VND $79 USD
Indonesian Rupiah 1,000,000 IDR $140 USD
Chinese Yuan 1,000 CNY $190 USD
Korean Won 1,000,000 KRW $1,250 USD

Exchange rates are subject to change.

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